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Designed thanks to the collaboration of osteopaths, physiotherapists and professional athletes, ACTIVE TENSE is the exclusive and unique clothing line equipped with a flexible exoskeleton inside each garment.
ACTIVE TENSE is inspired by the taping cone and kinesiology and studied with the aim of guaranteeing an unequaled stabilization of the joints and muscles during physical activity.

The unique biodynamic design of ACTIVE TENSE and its special patented ergonomic construction ensure perfect adherence to the body following its natural movements.
The special construction with differentiated surfaces also allows a rapid dispersion of perspiration along with effective ventilation that keeps the body dry for maximum comfort.

ACTIVE TENSE is 100% Made in Italy and certified OEKO-TEX Standard 100 to guarantee the highest standards of safety and quality.


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The TECH+COMPRESSOR line has been designed to emphasize the action and the compression needs during the race and during the most intense training sessions.

Made using a combination of different elastic areas that offer different degrees of compression depending on the areas, the TECH+COMPRESSOR garments help to improve blood circulation, favoring the stabilization of muscles and joints.

Without seams, breathable and comfortable TECH+COMPRESSOR garments are specifically designed for use during the most tiring and demanding physical activities.


Increased muscle pump action during contraction
More effective muscle response during performance
Reduction of muscle trauma
Faster recovery of muscle function in a temporarily deficient state


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Conceived to offer athletes a wide choice of functional technicalities for different sports disciplines and different climatic conditions, the Performance line features breathability as the main and distinctive feature of the line

The leaders of the Performance line, in fact, through an accurate technological research, allow a rapid and complete passage of the water vapor towards the outside favoring an excellent management of body temperature and perspiration, keeping the skin dry throughout the arch. of sports activity.

Extreme comfort and excellent breathability are the properties that the performance line can offer athletes as a valid help and support in their performance.

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