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Innovative design, creative passion, talent and uniqueness, have always been values which characterize the real heart of our country making it a recognized and universally regarded symbol all over the world.

And it is this Italian spirit and its essence which have provided Erreà with a starting point for creating truly special shirts.

Modern and looking to the future, the new kits are loyal to the respect of tradition and attention to the smallest detail.

With 100% Italian yarns, technologies and production methods, these kits boast innovative and avant-garde characteristics in terms of fabrics..

Extreme lightness, extraordinary breathability and maximum elasticity are the special features of "Diamante", the new hi-tech Italian yarn used to make the men's kit. Used for the first time ever on volleyball parquet, incomparable in feel on the skin, this new yarn offers a weight reduction of 50% compared to a normal volleyball fabrics.

The excellent elasticity of the yarn is achieved mechanically through a special process which eliminates the common use of elastomer, thus helping to reduce the weight of the shirt and the sensation of heat during sporting activity.

The women's kit is characterized by elegant and stylistically refined lines that blend perfectly with the use of "Ariha" fabric, a latest generation Italian yarn characterized by its special fineness and breathability.

Characterized by tiny micro holes which let air in and heat out, close-fitting but light, Ariha is ideal for ensuring maximum comfort during competition while at the same time offering an impeccable fit that shows off the feminine figure.

Totally "Made in Italy" and highly evolved, the new shirts will accompany the National Representatives for the next four-year period leading up to the Olympic Games. They are the result of a manufacturing process which not only combines industrial technology with excellent craftsmanship values but is also attentive to ecological aspects and environmental sustainability.

Thanks to the lighter weight, the processing method of both these fabrics has, in fact, resulted in a significant reduction in the use of primary resources such as water and a limited use of dyes, resulting in real energy savings and a reduction in environmental impact.