“Talento” is the new ball created by Erreà Sport in collaboration with the Lega Pro for the 2022 – 2023 sports season. The key concept embodied in the new official Lega Pro ball, is, as the name suggests, talent.

The distinctive, potent graphics seek to metaphorically combine the words Erreà, on a red background, with the words Lega Pro in green: the two work together to bring to the fore the talents of today and tomorrow, mentioned here in the centre on a blue background.

It is no coincidence that in recent years, the top footballers and coaches have come from Serie C.

On a technical level, as a result of its thermally bonded structure and the R-176 textured polyurethane micro particle coating, the football guarantees better stability in flight and an explosive response to footballers’ feet, ensuring smooth playability and the maintaining of its functional properties under all playing conditions.

The innovation comes in the form of an unprecedented graphic concept, designed to increase the reactivity of “reading” the trajectory and speed of play, but the ball’s most important and innovative feature is what it contains. The football itself has had a special QR Code added, which allows the Lega Pro to put out exclusive information, making it possible to receive and share news and updates. As a result of the technology and the scanning ability of mobile phones, users can access dedicated digital content, switching quickly and easily from offline to online, as through in a sort of link that connects both worlds and is always active. This will facilitate the connection between supporters, fans and the club. The new football will map out the Lega Pro’s future prospects, looking ahead but not forgetting the values of tradition.

Roberto Gandolfi, Vice President of Erreà Sport, said: “The ball aims to be a sort of symbol for the younger generations, a way to show that we’re focusing on them. For us, this partnership is a major step forward, and we aim to continue guaranteeing quality, technique and innovation, by fully bringing on board projects developed by the Lega Pro to make the most of young talent and nurture local roots.”

Francesco Ghirelli, President of the Lega Pro, underlines the importance of 'Talento': 'The name of our new ball is already significant. It represents the constant search for the best and the hope for the future of football that passes through the Lega Pro. The ball is always the easiest and most beautiful way to reach young people. Talent is tomorrow by treasuring the past'.